Class Descriptions

Our children’s fitness classes are suitable for all fitness levels and children age six and older.

Fit Kids – 45-minute class designed to get kids moving and active while having fun and increasing their cardio endurance. Metro Fit Kids program is ideal for all children and will incorporate basic aerobic exercises as well as physical activities and playful competition to get their hearts pumping and interests engaged. All children are welcome, regardless of fitness background, as Metro Fit Kids is the perfect program for child athletes or any child who just wants to run around and have fun.

Little Yogis –45-minute class for children that blends basic yoga techniques with traditional stretching exercises. By incorporating meditation and relaxation into this program, children can develop better body awareness, self-control, flexibility and coordination to prepare them for battling the everyday stress and pressure they face from school, family-life and other extracurricular events. Strengthening these skills will help children live more balanced lives, increase their performance in other physical activities and most importantly, develop personal satisfaction in all that they do. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise for all children, regardless of their fitness or athletic background, because it is non-competitive and can serve as an effective exercise and confidence booster for those who are athletic and those who may lack physical coordination or endurance.

* All Metro Moms Fitness certified instructors and personal trainers are required to be certified in adult, child and infant CPR as well as maintain their professional fitness certifications from a nationally recognized organization by participating in continuing education courses. For any children’s fitness instructor, experience working with children and teaching/coaching this specific demographic is a necessary requirement in order to be considered for employment. Background, personal and professional reference checks are also completed prior to employment.

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