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The most common excuses used by mothers when asked why they don’t exercise are:

- “I don’t have the time to exercise”

- “I don’t have the energy to exercise”

- “I don’t want to leave my child or I feel guilty for leaving my child if I exercise”

As a result, most women forgo exercise all together after they have a baby and typically let themselves go until health becomes an issue or their children are old enough to take care of themselves. We know it’s difficult to find time to exercise once you have children. And when you may find the time, you still must find either a babysitter or trust in a childcare center plus develop the energy or confidence to venture out to a gym. Time is precious so why should you sacrifice the valuable time you have with your children just so you can workout?

Luckily, there is a program out there that puts your excuses to rest. Metro Moms Fitness offers moms the opportunity to attend fun yet effective fitness classes by inviting their children to attend the classes with them and even participate in suitable exercises. As an added bonus, each Metro Moms Fitness location hosts a minimum of two social events each month so members can strengthen relationships with other members and bond through motherhood. By organizing these fun activities and events, members naturally create an accountability system amongst the other moms and form a sense of community while their children can playfully interact and socialize.

Metro Moms Fitness recognizes it’s tough to be a mom, whether you stay-at-home or work a full-time/part-time job. Moms need to vent and gain a support system to encourage them when times are tough and to laugh with them when things are well, childish. It is possible to care for both your child and yourself, and with Metro Moms Fitness you can do it all while having fun, meeting other moms, being with your child, and investing in your health. Make Metro Moms Fitness your one-stop-shop for everything health and family related. Gain support and establish relationships to help you on this journey called life.

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