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Become a healthier version of your SELF!


Whether you want to lose 15LBs, improve your eating habits, fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans or even increase your energy level, let Metro Moms Fitness and our certified team of professionals help you accomplishment your goal.

By committing to a six-month plan, you’re making a commitment to develop healthy behavior and habits while improving your lifestyle. The transformation into the “new” you is not only a commitment, but a process, and Metro Moms Fitness will be there to support and encourage you throughout the entire six-months you trust us with your health. We look forward to walking with you on this incredible journey.

The Plan

Give us six-months and we’ll give you added self-confidence, improved health, and lasting happiness! Our six-month makeover plan includes:

  • Establishing a realistic, personal goal for your body.
  • Six months of unlimited class access to any Metro Moms Fitness location.
  • Three one-hour personal training sessions.
  • A “before” and “after” picture. (We promise no photographs in your swimsuit! Unless, of course, you want to…)
  • Monthly body measurements and weight checks to track your progression.
  • Monthly personal consultation with a professional nutritionist.
  • Hair cut and style from a renowned hair salon upon completion of your makeover.
  • Make-up consultation, application and starter kit from local businesses.
  • Metro Moms Fitness apparel item to showcase the “new you.”
  • Special women’s fashion item or discount from local retailers.
  • Opportunity to be featured on the Metro Moms Fitness website.
  • Plus other special gifts!

You’ll never regret investing in the health of your body and well-being. Contact Metro Moms Fitness for more details and pricing.

*Metro Make Me Over is a six-month program because we recognize results do not happen overnight nor is it healthy to make a drastic lifestyle change within one or two months. It takes time, and we’ll be there throughout it all. Metro Make Me Over is designed as a lifestyle improvement program for women of all health and fitness backgrounds, ages, shapes, and sizes, regardless of the goal they wish to achieve. It is our mission to teach and instill healthy habits in individuals who participate in this program so these habits will become a way of life and will not be forgotten or thrown out the window upon completion of the program.

Metro Make Me Over includes face-to-face nutrition consultation (versus being handed a printed meal or nutrition plan), physical fitness support and accountability from group exercise participants and personal trainers/instructors, and monthly health check-ins to track progression and give each individual personalized guidance and proper education to achieve maximum results and overall improve their lifestyle.

"Allowing moms and children the opportunity to bond through fitness and be
proactive about combating childhood obesity."

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