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Nutrition Classes

Metro Moms Fitness offers quarterly and on-demand nutrition classes that are open to the public as a way to educate families about the importance of a well-balanced diet while promoting an active lifestyle. All classes are taught by certified, registered and experienced nutrition professionals who are passionate about improving communal health.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Where does your food come from and what should you watch for?
  • Portion control – you are what you eat
  • Healthy cooking and baking, meal preparation and simple substitutes
  • The importance of a balanced diet and how to take pleasure in indulgences without binging
  • Eating healthy at fun events, dining out and while on vacation
  • Understanding food labels
  • Organic vs. Natural (yes – there is a difference!)
  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • Understanding your body’s signals – hunger vs. craving
  • Nutritious pantry, nutritious home
  • Don’t starve yourself – the importance of carbs and healthy fats
  • Children’s nutrition and how to prevent picky eaters

Personal or Family Consultations with a Professional Family Nutritionist

Prenatal, Individual or Family consultations include (but not limited to):

  • A 24-hour diet recall for the individual or for each family member. Eating habits, lifestyle, and physical activity will be discussed with nutritionist.
  • A realistic and healthy goal will be determined for the individual or for each family member as well as an accountability system or rewards program to encourage successful behavior.
  • Physical measurements, weight checks, and BMI readings will be documented and tracked.
  • Nutritionist will educate the individual or family members on how to appropriately record meals in a food journal and read nutrition labels.

*Please contact your area’s location manager for pricing on nutritional services and consultation.

*Metro Moms Fitness values the health of its members and takes great pride in the nutrition services it provides. Therefore, each individual employed by Metro Moms Fitness is experienced, credible and professionally trained in the services they offer and topics they cover. Your health is not something we take lightly and will never take advantage of. We appreciate the opportunity to help you achieve your health goals.

Partnerships with Grocery and Health Food Stores

  • Not only does Metro Moms Fitness want to make grocery shopping and meal preparation simple, fun, and healthy, but Metro Moms Fitness also strives to be a part of the community by buying locally grown food and supporting the area grocers and farmers. Weekly grocery shopping and cooking meals at home shouldn’t be stressful or time-consuming, but should instead be a time to bond with your family while educating your children on where their food comes from, how it’s prepared, and the importance of nutrition and organically grown food.
  • Metro Moms Fitness partners with local grocers to encourage meals to be prepared at home while offering grocery store tours to discover where healthy food items are located and how to read food labels and also cooking classes or demonstrations to learn healthy cooking techniques and easy, tasty, family recipes.

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