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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Pregnancy is an incredible gift but it’s not a free pass to engorge yourself with junk or become a couch potato. Sure, it’s okay to take advantage of some pampering every now and then (after all, you do have a baby growing inside of you), just make sure you’re taking care of yourself by paying close attention to what you put in your body and what comes out.

Whether you’re a health nut or fast-food fanatic, a fitness buff or someone who’s never owned a pair of tennis shoes, now is the time to take control of your body and treat it right. Being pregnant means you’re sharing your body with another person and that tiny person depends on your nutrition and activity level to grow and develop healthy. Pregnancy is the perfect time to take up a fitness plan because you can start slow with basic exercises and ease into a program that will help you achieve the greatest benefits during labor and delivery. Plus, exercising while pregnant can increase your energy level, body-image and self-confidence and help decrease any pregnancy sickness or discomfort. That should get you excited!

With Metro Moms Fitness you can choose from a wide range of prenatal fitness programs to cater to your specific exercise level and workout preference. From prenatal yoga and Pilates, to prenatal strength training and aerobics, there’s a class to fit your interests and help your body prepare for the physical act of labor and delivery. Give it a try – your baby will enjoy it and you just may enjoy delivering your baby, too.

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