Membership Options

Please contact the location manager for questions regarding membership packages and to register for classes.

Monthly Membership Plans

  • Prenatal
    • Metro Prenatal
      • Options (valid at participating locations)
        • $10 for a single class
        • $45 for six (6) classes (to be redeemed within three months)
        • $60 a month for unlimited prenatal classes at one location.
    • Metro Prenatal Personal Training
      • Prices vary by location, instructor, class format, and time.
        • One-on-one in-home or on-location personal training for prenatal members includes choice of yoga (partner exercises, breathing techniques, and other specific stretches to support healthy pregnancy and delivery), water aerobics (where applicable), strength training, or a combination of different exercise formats.
        • PROMO
          • Purchase five prenatal personal training sessions and receive your sixth session for FREE!

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Benefits of being a Metro Moms Fitness member

  • Network of moms to communicate endless child rearing questions and experiences with, plus the opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships. Metro Moms Fitness supports fun, fitness, friends and family!
  • Close-knit social community who make working out fun and laidback, but also help to offer motherly support and encouragement.
  • No contracted “gym-membership” or termination penalties. You simply pay-by-the-month for the exercise plan that best suits your needs and schedule.
  • You can join our program at anytime! Membership plans are billed from either the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month, depending on your start date.
  • All exercises either involve you and your child[ren] or allow you to workout with the comfort of your child[ren] close by. Older children are welcome to participate in exercises and challenge mom to her fullest potential. Exercising with your child[ren] or in the presence of your child offers many physical and emotional benefits, not to mention the opportunity to bond through health and fitness.
  • Opportunity to participate in play groups, social gatherings, moms’ night out activities, grocery store tours and healthy meal demonstrations, and other family events throughout the year. There are a minimum of two fun events scheduled at each location for each month.
  • Happy children equal a happy mom! You have fun and your child[ren] get to play and spend time with you! Plus, by working out you’ll have more energy for all of your other “mommy” responsibilities and will feel emotionally and physically better about yourself!
  • “Friends and Family” incentive earns members the chance to receive free workout apparel, half-off their monthly dues, and even free months of exercise! There is no limit to the amount of ‘freebees’ you can earn.

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